Monty Diamond

Monty Diamond is a writer, director, and producer based in NYC

"The language which Diamond has spent years learning and which he speaks so eloquently himself is production - slaying those potential on-set dragons which plague so many indie shoots"
"Diamond is a bit of a rare breed in the indie world - shifting between the right-brain creative demands of working actors and the left-side technical process of fulfilling a tight shoot"

- David Geffner, DGA Magazine interview with Monty Diamond

"Diamond film brilliant with multifaceted lead characters"
"[Peroxide Passion] is a love story, a jolly road trip across middle America that takes us back to an era of innocence...This project should have been backed by a major studio"

-Darrell Soilchuck, Planet Indie review of Peroxide Passion

"Suffice it to say that with a concept as brilliant as Dorrie Doris' Men the script felt like it could virtually write itself, and was given the look and feel, by producer-director Monty Diamond, of a multi-million dollar effort, though I learned later it had cost less that $100,000..."

-Mike Golden, Short Entertainment review of First Thing Monday

""Short" is almost a misnomer in the case of these films, each of which takes a small idea and executes it so flawlessly they feel like features that found their ideal length in miniature. This is especially true of First Thing Monday... which to my mind in the best of the lot." 

- FX Feeney, LA Weekly AFI Fest

"Monty Diamond's delightfully wacko PEROXIDE PASSION has it all... At once hillarious and heartfelt, this absurdist romp, which slyly references everything from IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT to THE GRADUATE, is the kind of note-perfect comic gem that we see all too seldom from the independent world.

-Godfrey Cheshire


140 W 4th Street   New York NY 10012  (917) 553-9834