Monty Diamond

Monty Diamond is a writer, director, and producer based in NYC

Director - Dramatic Films

Monty studied acting in the grad program at the University of North Carolina and with Bill Hickey at HB Studios in New York. He took script interpretation with Stella Adler at her studios for a year and studied as a director with Nikos Psacharopolis for 5 years. Finally, he spent two years as director in class with Bill Esper. He has directed numerous plays and several short films and a feature film.

Peroxide Passion

"At once hilarious and heartfelt, this absurdist road romp, which slyly references everything from It Happened One Night to The Graduate, is the kind of note-perfect comic gem that we see all too seldom from the independent world."
-Godfrey Cheshire, NY Press

Awards: Star on the Horizon, Ft. Lauderdale International; Best Lead Actor, Planet Indie Fest; B Movie Actress of the Year, B Movie Theater Festival; Silver Award, Comedy, Houston International Fest


First Thing Monday

"Tom Fontana’s screenplay is very funny and Monty Diamond’s direction is swift and to the point. The music, in the tone of Cole Porter’s “Just One of Those Things” has just the right touch." -FX Fenney reviewing the AFI Festival for the LA Times.

Festivals: Sundance, London, AFI, Chicago, Seattle, DC International, et al. 
Awards: Cine Golden Eagle

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A Dylan Thomas Short Story

Festivals: Seattle, Park City Music and Film Festival

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140 W 4th Street   New York NY 10012  (917) 553-9834